Interesting Stat

A friend of mine who specializes in Search Engine Optimization told me that roughly 1,300 people web-search the exact phrase “superior canal dehiscence” each month. That’s not many people given the web-surfacing population of the planet. What needs to happen, and I’d like to help if possible, is that when people google the most common SCDS symptoms like “pulsatile tinnitus,” or “I can hear my eyeballs move inside my head,” they are lead to good information that might allow them to investigate this disorder. People need to be able to connect the dots. Clearly everyone with tinnitus and low frequency hearing loss does not have SCDS, but if they also have autophony and some degree of vertigo, they just might. If people could see the symptom they searched appear along with the others that define this syndrome, perhaps they’d be able to get doctors to take notice and dig deeper.

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