Waffling on SCDS Surgery (Again)

superior canal dehiscence surgeryThey say you are what you eat, right? Today, this is what I had for breakfast, and it is also what I’m doing (again). As a writer, I know it makes for a much more compelling dramatic story when a character is conflicted, but in real life it can get tiring and silly for your audience of friends an family, and exhausting for yourself as the protagonist. Sorry, y’all!

What I really need is a Magic 8 Ball to decide superior canal dehiscencethis whole mess for me once and for all. Anyone still have one of those laying around that I can borrow?  I used one to choose which film school to enter, and that seemed to work out okay.  My friend has a talking Yoda, maybe that’s who I should really be consulting instead of an endless slew of doctors!


3 thoughts on “Waffling on SCDS Surgery (Again)

  1. Brenda Whirley

    Hi Brad, I am a fellow SCDS survivor, the decision for surgery is daunting, and sadly no one can really help you make the decision. Ultimately you are the one who has to live with your choice. I took almost a year to make my decision, but I am glad I had surgery on my right side last year. Resurfacing only via MF/TM combo with Dr. Gianoli in Louisiana. I am bilateral and will eventually have my other side repaired. My only advice would be to look at your options carefully. The scdssupport.org site was a huge help to me. At least We have more options than they had in the early days of this! You will know when you have made the right choice because you will have peace. Best wishes to you on your quest for surgical options. Brenda

    1. Brad Post author

      The clock keeps ticking closer to closer the date! I feel I’ve done almost as much as I can do to investigate the options. Waiting on my second opinion and will update you then. Thanks so much for reading and for the support.

    2. Brad Post author

      Thank you for your advice, Brenda. I’m on a ticking clock with surgery scheduled and can’t convince myself of it fully. So if I don’t have peace yet, then don’t do it?


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