The Other Side of Surgery

I met with Dr. Wiet today and signed the forms and asked my final questions. He believes I’ll come through it fine. New and improved. I’m feeling as confident as I think I’ve felt all along, and I’m just ready for this thing to happen. The past week has been like sitting in an airport waiting for a long-delayed, non-stop, twenty-hour flight to Siberia. It’s gonna suck, so can we just get on with it already?

A lot of people fear not waking up from a serious surgery like this. I don’t. I know I’ll wake up. The thing is, what will I wake up to? I’m not worried about pain. I just don’t want to be worse-off than I was before. I want to be better. But what can I do about that? Nothing.

I’m trusting my future to people who have spent long, successful, and highly-regarded careers working every day on problems like this. I’m trusting my fellow human beings who are elite, resourceful, well-equipped experts in a highly specialized field. I’m trusting two months of my own research and thought, and countless hours of soul-searching. I’m trusting my own will to fight, recover and reclaim my life and the way I want to live it. 

In 32.5 hours I will go black and wake up after what will seem to be just a few seconds —  and I will be facing a new reality. 


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