Post-Op Day 1

Woke up without dizziness but a lot of pressure on the back of the head. Not by the incision site but lower – probably where the surgical clamp held his head in place.

Surgeon checked and changed dressing. Said it looked normal but taking the compression off his head, helped with overall head discomfort.

Walked 2.5 laps which at the time felt great but exhausted him for the rest of the day. Could hear his heart beat, very loudly, for the remainder of day and into evening.

Able to handle normal diet but can’t open mouth very far.

A few tight lung/asthma symptoms.

Hardest part seems to be needing to rest and having to wait and see if it all worked. He was frustrated with how great he felt in the morning but how a little walk completely exhausted him.

1 thought on “Post-Op Day 1

  1. Heather

    Brad, your body has been through major trauma (as far as it knows) so it gives you these short bursts of energy as part of that whole fight-or-flight. When it realizes you did not actually need to run from hungry lions, it got a little ticked off and it’s going to MAKE you stay put so it can get its healing done. Go slow! 🙂


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