Recap of Post-Op Day 2

Woke up with dizziness.,,,,room was spinning….

PT was only 1 lap today….that got a bit easier too…he sped up a bit towards the end. Still needs to lock in on one thing to look at as he walks but starting to move arms a bit (side to side) so not quite as robotic as yesterday.

Got taken off all wires/tubes/meds…was happy to move around in bed without feeling restricted. Also, no more beeping from the different monitoring devices!!

Got up several times to either use facilities or move to/sit in chair for a while.

Was nauseous when he first woke up but after a big breakfast and good lunch, all that went away.

Ear is still very noisy with a “buzzy pulsating” sound that gets louder when he moves around.

Napped a few times throughout the day and even now at 8:30pm, is still up enjoying the Olympics.

Can read on his iPhone without getting dizzy but not for too long.

Making progress and looking forward to tomorrow!

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