Checking out!!

Brad woke up with some “eye jumping” and ear noises again. He ate, walked a bit and then took another nap.

Our fabulous surgeon Dr. Wiet just came to visit though — he reconfirmed that all of the symptoms are normal. He prescribed some steroids for the uncontrolled eye movements and a bit of Valium for some relief with the ear noises. He is also a big believer in vistibular therapy and gave the thumbs-up for that to start again right away.

He also reminded Brad that his brain has to (once again) get used to new inputs and that will take some time. He said not to push too much and to be patient (not one of Brad’s strong suits when it comes to moving).

We go to his office at the end of the week to take the packing out of his ear (which also explains why Brad hasn’t felt like he can hear too much out of his right ear:)

Soooo, discharge papers are being prepared now so we should be checking out of here by lunch time!!!

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