Some things I Know

1. A king-sized memory foam mattress beats a hospital bed in every way (except for mobility and ease of CPR delivery).

2. My wife moves mountains. I have a whole range in front of me and I’m so grateful she’s mine.

3. Nurses are the best. You should hope you never have to find out how amazing they are in person, but the ones I know in person are amazing, and the ones who helped me I’ll never forget.

4. Hospitals have not yet caught up with food allergy awareness. It was a battle to get safe gluten free foods. Weird. And wrong.

5. They didn’t tell me the surgery would cause me to sprout a hibiscus from my head.

6. I have a lot to say about how I feel right now, just as soon as Tina lets me type on a proper keyboard again.


2 thoughts on “Some things I Know

    1. Brad Post author

      Well, you gotta laugh, right? Thanks for reading and I’d love to visit you again someday at Transylvania if you’re still there.


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