Soundtrack for Brain Surgery Recovery

My pal JT Griffith (@jtgriffith) is a radio DJ and music supervisor. Plus, he has a killer gig at Nike. He made this Spotify soundtrack for recovery, I thought I should share it:

5 thoughts on “Soundtrack for Brain Surgery Recovery

  1. Elizabeth Nielsen

    Hey there! Just checked in to see if you’d had your surgery yet. Glad to hear you did, and it went well! But I’m not surprised. Dr Wiet is the best there is. I’ll keep checking in on your progress, but I know you’ll do well. Your post-op and recovery sound a lot like mine. Easy peasy!

  2. Brad Post author

    Hey Elizabeth, I’m so grateful you’re following the blog. Thank you for writing! I’m eager to know what’s up with your other ear, and wonder if you’d be willing to be interviewed for a documentary I’m making about SCD. Dr. Wiet is participating.

    I wouldn’t say easy-peasy, yesterday was rough! But today seems much better already.

    1. Elizabeth Nielsen

      Absolutely! I’d love to participate in the documentary. It’s great to get the word out since this is still largely unknown.

      How long has it been? Of course, a year and a half on, it seems so easy to me. At the time, not so much. But I had the advantage of great weather. It was 70s and sunny every day after my surgery, so my mom and I would go for walks every day, first to Oz Park, then eventually down to Michigan Ave and back. The walks were key to a fast recovery, but maybe not in this winter!

      1. Brad Post author

        Got a walk in yesterday. Last two days have been much better. How is your hearing on the repaired side? Will reach out soon on the doc interview!

      2. Elizabeth Nielsen

        I went to my one year checkup with Dr Wiet and he performed a complete hearing test, and said I had the hearing of a 7-year-old! I had a net hearing GAIN in that ear! He was amazed, because my dehiscence was one of the largest he’d seen, and he was actually worried that I might lose my hearing entirely in that ear. We were both so relieved when he came in after the surgery and did the tuning fork on my head!
        A lot of the reactions you’re describing are similar to mine. I was quite alarmed when I started having the jumping eyes when I watched tv at the hospital. I’d not had that symptom before. But don’t worry, that went away quickly. And the autophony lasted a couple weeks, I think. I had thought that might not have gone away, and that’s the symptom that had me going mad before the surgery. All of this is why I wanted to do the videos. There really was no info out there when I was diagnosed, and I wanted to document my experiences so others would know what to expect. Thank you for doing this!

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