Follow Up: Good and Bad News

The stitches are out and the scar looks great. The doctor was impressed with my hair growth. Yay for great hair! That’s the good news.

The bad news is that after removing the packing plug from my ear canal, I couldn’t hear. My inner ear is filled with blood and fluid, which contributes to the loss of course, but there is a real chance I might have significant nerve-related hearing loss. The hearing test was honestly frightening and quite disheartening. I couldn’t make out much of anything, so Dr. Wiet ramped up my steroids to Barry Bonds levels. Next step will be draining the ear via myringotomy, which I’ve had a bunch of times during ear infections .

A lot of support group folks say this is par for the course, but I sensed serious concern today in the office and it has me feeling quite uneasy in addition to dizzy. But what can I do other than rest and heal and keep the faith?

I could have had facial paralysis, a stroke, seizure, serious infection, or a host of other issues, but I came out clean on those fronts. I’m wiped out after PT yesterday (and a stupid effort to clear snow and ice off of water drains #moron). So, up and down is how it goes, I guess.

Send me your high-priority optimism readers, and please speak up!


3 thoughts on “Follow Up: Good and Bad News

  1. jack epps

    Yes, this sounds scary, but as we say here, “Don’t go to the races.” Don’t future project. Stay positive. There is much healing and recovering to go. Hang in there, big guy.

  2. ines

    Since you are always making the comparison to movies, i feel like this is the part in the movie where the main character is struggling and the audience doesn’t know whats going to happen. but you are the guy with the happy end, so give your body some time to heal and feel better! Is not even two weeks since your operation!
    By the way, your hair looks great ;o)

  3. Heather

    Hm. I hope it’s not as dire as you think. And if it somehow is, I hope that you don’t mind so much when you’re back running your marathons.


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