Invisible Healing

Sharing a post from a lovely blogger who is a little further down her recovery path than I am by a week or two.

On a Tilt a Whirl

At about 3 weeks post-op my entire being seems to be receiving mixed messages. My energy level varies from full of energy and wanting to take on insane things like reorganize my filing system, to flat-out hopelessly exhausted. I can go from one to the other in the time it takes me to make a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Eyes and Inner Ear

My eyes and inner ears think that they have this whole relearning to walk thing down by now, but I am not so sure. They second week or so of recovery was “floaty” at best, and staring at a spinning room at worst. Apparently it is not uncommon to have bouts of BPPV as you recover from this surgery according to Dr. Gianoli, so I’ve been experiencing a whole new vestibular disorder as I try to heal from my own previous condition. This is what…

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