Permanent Profound Hearing Loss

I saw Dr. Wiet yesterday for my four-month review. Mostly though, I saw his audiologist. It’s official. My right ear hearing loss is permanent and profound. What I do hear is unuseful and distorted. The tinnitus is likely to stay, too, and has been deemed at the upper end of the moderate range. We talked about neuromonic therapy and cros-aid hearing aids, but at an uninsurable $8,000 price tag for both combined, that ain’t happening any time soon.

He told me to get on with my life. But I still have a lot of “good ear” bilateral SCD symptoms that make my days unpredictable and my weeks uneven. Loud rooms are difficult. Whispers almost impossible. The limbic system of the brain is in a constant stress cycle due to the tinnitus, as the brain creates the sound itself to make up for the loss, but then perceives that sound as a threat, activating the fight or flight stress instincts and causing constant edginess and mental fatigue. I think I’m dealing with all of that pretty well. It’s the hearing that bothers me the most. And worrying about my left ear going bad, too.

I need a new plan. Insurance does at least cover the cognitive rehab, since we’ve met max out-of-pocket, so I’m hopeful about that.

3 thoughts on “Permanent Profound Hearing Loss

  1. Alex

    Sorry to hear this news. It’s important that you know how many people love and support you, and would love to carry your cross for a while, so you could get a reprieve. Small consolation, I know. But You’re a really big deal in a lot of lives. Find a way to manage your life around this . We still need you as a father, a husband , a teacher, a mentor, and a friend.
    Love you man

    1. barrington99

      So much not liking. I think I may have mentioned how I come from a cancer family–my dad had several bouts while I was growing up. I think in some ways the hardest was when he had one eardrum removed. It was difficult for him on many levels, though he adjusted over time and again enjoyed music and life. We adjust, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is indeed a “profound” loss. I am so very sorry.


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