Back in the Saddle

I’ve mentioned here before that a long time ago in a land far, far away I was a serious cyclist. I had been wary of riding post-surgery given that I didn’t know how my vestibular system would respond. Turns, out — pretty good. I ride this dual-suspension mountain bike that eats up most of the hard jolts, I try very hard to stay hydrated, and now I’m able to to ride again! I owe my return to the trail to a friend of mine, Dave Wiseman, who lives nearby and builds beautiful fat tire bikes. With Dave as my chaperone, I took a couple slow tours of a ten mile trail near my house. I’ve gone out five times since, twice in the rain, once in over 90 degree heat, and once I got lost, but I have been able to cut twenty minutes off my original time! My ride today was 10 minutes faster than Friday’s, at 12.8 MPH.

When I redline on a hill it causes me to feel pressure in my head. Dr. Hain says that’s something I just have to try and push through, but I also don’t want to get the major dizzies 10 miles from home. If the swimminess and pressure sticks around post-ride, I take a betahistine (miracle drug) and Aleve (works best for my head), then drink a bunch more water. After a while the swimminess goes away. At this point I’m pretty certain that seriously anaerobic heavy-duty mountain climbing at max threshold would not be possible. I have a sense that I could ride myself woozy pretty quickly if I weren’t careful. Maybe training will push that threshold higher. Maybe it is what it is. Either way, it was good to be passing people again. (Once a racer, always a racer.)


1 thought on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Sara

    Thanks for sharing your story and posting updates. You are strong for dealing with these chronic issues and re-adjusting to your different abilities. It’s really helpful to someone maybe going through the same thing :). MaYbE, not certain. I’m in that weird zone of praying they’ll find something wrong with me so some concrete treatment options may materialize. If not, then at least sunsets are still beautiful.


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