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Resting is hard work

I walked 30 minutes today outside. A little over a mile. It’s 20 degrees. I’d say I’m not as dizzy as the worst of when this all started, but also not as stable as I had gotten before the operation. I’m close, but still need work and stamina.

Car rides still aren’t great. I’m not ready to drive. Maybe by the end of next week.

Three days into my massive prednisone load and nothing has changed in my ear. Full, deaf, ringy. Thinking of asking my surgeon for an ear tube this week. I don’t see the point in waiting.

I am gaining in my ability to read and write and concentrate. Finished a novel today in less than 24 hours. Haven’t done that in a long time.

The “unmasking” in my left ear continues. I’m especially sensitive to loud noises, din, and crunchy chewing — though the sound of my own voice isn’t as annoying as it was at first. I’m hoping if we recover the hearing in my right ear it will somehow compensate for these new problems in the left. If the hearing does not come back, I’d have to be pretty freaking miserable to risk losing both ears in a repair of the left. The bilateral news was a heavy blow in that regard.

The scar looks great. People like to talk about that. I’m not worried about the scar, though.

I haven’t worn pants with a button in well over a week, so tonight Tina and I are going to try and find a quiet spot for an early dinner date together.